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Finger will not acid,It is evenly applied,polishing and waxing effect is better,Wax oil will not be full of hands,Wax is more convenient and quick.

This is a polishing waxing sponge waxing tool that is worthy of every car owner. It is a waxing sponge waxing tool of choice for real professionals. The product is made of foamed polyurethane, and the outer layer is wrapped with microfiber towel fabric. The waxing is cleaner and will not break the sponge scraps. The product is soft and easy to construct, smooth and beautiful to scrub, easy to foam, and quickly polish the paint surface. This product is durable, compact and flexible, and does not damage the finish when scrubbed. Special waxing for waxing, reasonable size, easy to hold, and feel strong when scrubbing. After use, wash with water and dry naturally.

Name: polishing waxing sponge

1set: 6PCS waxing pad + 1PC handle

Material: sponge + plastic

size: about 8.5*2.6cm

"1set"Packing list: 6PCS waxing pad + 1PC handle


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